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Sprout Creek Farm's summer programs – day and overnight– offer children a fun, educational experience at a real working farm. Each week provides campers with a delightful group adventure as well as hands-on experience in animal care, gardening, homesteading crafts, and environmentally responsible action and decision-making. Enrollment is limited in order to give each child maximum contact with the animals and individual attention from the staff.

Come join us for a week of learning and fun. You'll start your week by visiting our sheep, cows, ducks, chickens, pigs, and goats. You will learn all about their special needs while you spend time with them, bring them water, or lead them to pasture. You will help tend our organically grown veggies and herbs, harvest and learn how to cook and eat them. When veggies are ready, you'll have your own farmer's market where you sell the veggies you harvest. You'll learn how to bake bread the old-fashioned way. You might even learn to make your own pizza from dough to cheese to toppings! You'll have fun singing, making authentic farm crafts, playing in the creek, learning about stream ecology and the interesting critters that live in the creek. Each day, you'll look for eggs in the chicken coop, get plenty dirty, and make brand new friends with animals and people. It's all in a day's work at Sprout Creek. We'll do our best to turn you into a real farmer on the days you spend with us. And we'll help you learn a little bit more about how each of us can take care of our fragile planet Earth.

All day programs begin at 9AM and end at 4PM. Early drop off at 8AM and late pick up at 5PM is available. Fees are included on the enrollment form.

Who: Boys and Girls, Ages 6-11
Sessions: June 23-27, June 30-July 4, July 7-11, July 14-18, July 21-25,
July 28 - August 1, August 4-8, August 11-15
$375/week (Full non-refundable tuition) T-Shirt included!
Optional: Early Drop Off - $60/week
Optional: Late Pick Up - $60/week

Ever wondered where milk and cheese come from? Think you might want to try your hand at being a farmer? Come get to know the plants and animals that so graciously provide us with the food our growing bodies need. You will experience life as a farmer because you'll actually be LIVING at the farm. You'll wake to the music of roosters crowing at the rising sun, and then head out for chores to milk the cows and goats, feed the animals, tend the garden, gather eggs, and prepare breakfast. Every step of the way you are learning what it takes to raise the farm fresh food you'll enjoy eating all week. Your days will be filled with farm-based activities ranging from homesteading skills like knitting and food preservation to lessons on animal husbandry and the natural world. Every day you'll relax before afternoon chores by swimming in Sprout Creek with friends and in the evenings, you'll sing around the campfire, take a walk as dusk settles into night, study the constellations, or join together to produce a skit. As you gather with your new friends for the last meal of camp, you'll feel the same sense of accomplishment every farmer feels as you reflect on work well done.

All sleepover sessions begin at 3:30 PM on Sunday and end at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Who: Girls, Ages 10-12 (entering the 4th grade to entering 8th grade)
Sessions: June 22-27, June 29-July 4, July 6-11, July 13-18
Tuition: $695/week (Full non-refundable tuition)
T-Shirt and 8x10 photo included!

(call to be put on the waiting list)
PROJECT HARVEST, Girls, Ages 13-14
Till the Land Plant a Seed
Chase the Weeds
Make New Friends
Milk a Cow
Love the Plant
Harvest the Fruit
Feed the Hungry

Project Harvest is a service-based summer program for 13-14 year old girls. The program offers participants the opportunity to gain hands-on experience both on a productive dairy farm and at a local soup kitchen called the Lunch Box. On the farm, participants will live the life of a farmer by carrying out twice-a-day chores that include milking the cows and goats, feeding the animals, harvesting in the garden, preparing meals and caring for shared spaces. At the Lunch Box, participants will not only assist in preparing and serving lunch to members of the local community, but also eat lunch with those receiving their "service". Despite being only a 15 minute car ride apart, there is great contrast between the peacefulness and tranquility experienced by those residing at Sprout Creek Farm and the urban challenges faced by a segment of the population living in Poughkeepsie, NY. Throughout the week time will be provided to reflect on these differences, as well as topics ranging from healthy food choices to food traditions around the world. When not carrying out chores or serving at the soup kitchen, we'll spend our days baking homemade bread, exploring the property or relaxing down by the creek and our nights engaged in a Hunger Banquet or singing songs around a camp fire. Participation in Project Harvest will help students meet community service requirements by teaching respect for creation and instilling a life-long commitment to service.

All sleepover sessions begin at 3:30 PM on Sunday and end at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Who: Girls, Ages 13-14
Project Harvest I: July 27 - August 1, 2014
Project Harvest II: August 3-8, 2014
$695/Week (Full non-refundable tuition)
T-Shirt and 8x10 photo included!

PLANET EARTH: DIG IT!, Boys and Girls, Ages 15-16
Discover a Bigger World Smell, Touch, Breathe in the Land
Appreciate the Wonder of Food
Be Proud of Farm Scars
Reap What You Sow
Realize How Food Gets to Your Table
Make Changes for a Better World

Planet Earth/Dig It brings together 15-16 year olds from around the country, from the local community and from the Green Teen Community Garden Program. This diverse group lives together as a community, gaining new perspectives from each other based on their varied life experiences. While the service aspect of the program relates to feeding the hungry, back at the farm we explore issues related to food and the environment and share skills with one another that help lead to greater self-sufficiency. Past activities have ranged from making beeswax salves and creams to an Iron Chef competition to a thought provoking Hunger Banquet. Through reflections, participants are challenged to think beyond the current systems that assist people in need and imagine what it might take to tackle the underlying causes of hunger in our communities. The service component of the program takes both at the Salvation Army and the Family Partnership Center (FPC) in Poughkeepsie, NY. At the Salvation Army, students assist with the Senior Lunch Program and at the FPC, participants serve soup they've helped prepare at a Tuesday night feeding program developed by a local church. As with all SCF residential programs, the day includes both AM and PM chores, offering participants the chance to milk a cow and goat, feed the animals, harvest, weed and plant in the garden, prepare food for the group, and maintain the communal living spaces. While providing an opportunity for direct service, Planet Earth: Dig It also teaches respect for creation and prepares students to be stewards of the earth's resources.

All sleepover sessions begin at 3:30 PM on Sunday and end at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Who: Girls and Boys, Ages 15-16
Sessions: July 21-26
$695/week (Full non-refundable tuition)
T-Shirt and 8x10 photo included!

(call to be put on the waiting list)
Spend your time between wilderness activities and farm activities -- chores in the morning and afternoon, and in the hours between chores, learn nature-based life lessons and wilderness skills such as building fires, shelters, and orienteering. The goal is to learn how to better live in cooperation with nature. The other goal is to finish a project that will make the farm even better than it was when you arrived. Life is a challenge. Meet it all the way!

All sleepover sessions begin at 3:30 PM on Sunday and end at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Who: Boys, Ages 12-14
Sessions: August 10-15
Tuition: $695/week (Full non-refundable tuition)
T-Shirt and 8x10 photo included!

ISEA (Institute for Social and Environmental Awareness)
Girls and Boys, Ages 15-18
The participants will be schooled by all the cows and calves, sheep and lambs, goats and kids, bugs and plants, the land, the trees, the creek and pond, and, of course, one another. Summer in beautiful Hudson Valley offers one a chance to step back from complicated, fast-paced lives and take time to develop a better understanding of oneself and others, and of the local and global community. Days will be filled with diverse experiences that will give students new tools to critically examine one's rapidly changing world. A seminar each day provides both the focus and the framework for deeper understanding of the complexities and inter-connectedness of land-based resources here in the U.S. and in the world. A day at Sprout Creek is like no other. Working in a community that includes so many different kinds of animals in a setting with rolling pastures, lush gardens, creeks and ponds, and barns full of hay fosters deep spiritual reflection. Sharing the responsibilities for the animals with other students, tending the garden, working with calves, lambs and kids, and cooking meals together from the fruits of one's labors build a strong sense of community. Conversations that range from global hunger to the tiniest bug in our soil will offer intellectual challenges to last a lifetime in a supportive and inspiring setting. Participants will be actively involved in animal husbandry, gardening, cooking and using produce from our gardens.

Who: Girls and Boys, Ages 15-18
Session: June 9-19
Tuition: $1390/10days (Full non-refundable tuition)
T-Shirt and 8x10 photo included!