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Give the Gift of cheese
Give the gift of lovingly hand crafted cheeses. Each cheese is carefully aged and attended to each week and each is chosen for your gift by our cheese maker himself.

What better way to grace your cheese boards and enjoy your friends? Choose from among the options below and may your hearts be jovial, your spirits high.
Basket 1.
Half pound each of Kinkead and Smoked Toussaint, joined by American Vintage Wine and Beer Crackers and Beth's Farm Kitchen Jams.

Please see our salami items at the bottom of this page for products that are an excellent compliment to any gift package.
Price: $35 / Gift Package
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Basket 2.
Kinkead, Smoked Toussaint, and our Cheese Monger’s Choice, joined by American Vintage Wine and Beer Crackers, and Beth's Farm Kitchen Jam. PLUS Bobby Sue's Grab and Go Nuts, the 2014 Sprout Creek Farm Calendar.

Please see our salami items at the bottom of this page for products that are an excellent compliment to any gift package.
Price: $55 / Gift Package
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Basket 3.
Smoked Toussaint, Kinkead, Cheese Monger’s Choice, Sprout Creek Farm’s Limited Edition beer-washed Cow's Milk cheese, 1 pound of Russell Farm's Honey, American Vintage Wine and Beer Biscuits, Beth’s Farm Jam, Bobby Sue’s Nuts, and a 2014 Sprout Creek Calendar.

Please see our salami items at the bottom of this page for products that are an excellent compliment to any gift package.
Price: $75 / Gift Package
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Market hours

Memorial Day to Labor Day: Everyday 10AM-5PM
Labor Day to Memorial Day: Wednesday – Sunday 10-5

How do I order?
Call the market: 845-485-9885
Send a fax: 845-454-6458
Come in person during the hours posted above.
Ordering Guidelines and Shipping / Handling Policies
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Care of your cheese
Cheese that is made in the traditional methods of cheese making never stop aging. Just like you. Sorry. But aging can be graceful, so here is what you need to know and do for your cheeses once you've opened them.

Cheese likes air, but also needs protection.

To serve: let your cheese warm to room temperature before serving. Place your cheese still wrapped on a board and open the packaging just before serving. Save the wrapping.

To store: Use the original cheese wrap if possible. If not, wrap each cheese separately in wax paper and place in a baggie. The wax paper will allow it to breathe the remaining air in the bag but not dry out. Then refrigerate to retard ripening.

Aged and firm cheeses will last longer, more than 3 weeks, if wrapped as suggested. Tender and fragile cheeses (Rita and Sophie) will last only a couple of weeks in your fridge and are better consumed sooner. Left undisturbed, they will last just a couple of weeks, so use them first.

If you find blue or white mold growing on your cheese after a while, just shave it off and continue eating. It's only aging.
Where can I get this award winning cheese?
Sprout Creek Farm makes between 30 and 40 thousand pounds of beautiful cheese per year. Some cheeses are made seasonally and some year round. Check our product list for descriptions and general seasonal availability.

Our cheeses can be found in many places across the US ranging from small cheese and gourmet food shops and on menus throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, to large cheese stores such as Murray's in NYC, all Whole Foods stores in NYC and the Northeast Region and Whole Foods in New England. The following distributors carry our cheeses: Seacrest, Baldor's, Food Matters, and Vermont International Provisions.

The BEST place to find our cheese is right here at the farm. Please also see our on-line ordering scheme! You can do it simply by clicking on the options available to you. We ship cheese nationally as well as locally, Monday-Thursday every week throughout the year using UPS as our trusted carrier.

** Order by the wedge (hand cut half pound or custom cut); or whole, half, or quarter wheel.
** Sophie and Rita are half pound whole wheels; Barat is a half wheel at a half pound.
Following are books where you'll find a wealth of information about world culture and tradition, and in which you will also find, among others, references to and descriptions of our cheeses, our farm, our brand of education. These are beautiful books for perusal, to spark conversation, and give as gifts to friends and family. Most include delicious recipes you'll want to try. All can be found online at

  • Cheese: Exploring Taste and Tradition
    by Patricia Michaelson/Forward by Jamie Oliver

  • Cheese Identification-Classification-Utilization
    by John Fischer

  • Mastering Cheese Lessons for Connoisseurship From a Maitre Fromager by Max McCalman and David Gibbons

  • The Sustainable Chef Cooking with the Farmers of New York State by Jake Brach

  • Fresh From the Farm Great Local Foods from New York State by Susan Meisel and Natalie Sann

  • A Taste of Heaven a Guide to Food and Drink Made by Monks and Nuns by Madeline Scherb
    Go Shopping
    You've come to a real working farm when you come to Sprout Creek Farm. Feel free to take a walk around and see the animals, and by all means, come into our Market and taste our many award winning Artisan cheeses made here on the premises. You can even observe cheeses being made while you're here.

    Our cheeses are made from the nutritious and creamy (antibiotic and hormone free) milk of our small herds of cows and goats that roam the pastures eating what they're supposed to eat – grass. Cheeses aged over 60 days are made with raw milk – bigger flavor and very nutritious. Those tender and fresh cheeses aged less than 60 days are made with pasteurized milk. The operative word here is GRASS, however.

    Milk from animals that eat what they were designed to eat is nutrient rich, low in cholesterol, high in Omega 3s, and still retains proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for good health. From the much loved pastured animals to the cheeses lovingly crafted and aged, you are sure to "Taste the Difference a Little Grass Makes".
    Cows' milk cheeses listed below are available year round, but goats' milk cheeses become available seasonally and are limited in quantity. Cheeses are priced per half pound.

    Firm and semi-firm natural rind cheeses:
    Toussaint (too-sanh):
    A raw cows' milk cheese with a distinctive Alpine flavor and a smooth tight texture, it becomes complex and peppery with age. Aged 5-7 months. Place winner in International Cheese Contest 2008.
    Price: $9 / half pound
    Smoked Toussaint
    Dry and piquant, cold-smoking intensifies its spicy character. Use to complement well- seasoned soups, meats, and sauces.
    Price: $10.50 / half pound
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    Kinkead (come on!):
    This semi firm wheel is savory and sharp with a hint of pungency. Dense and creamy, Kinkead is washed in the beginning for extra flavor, then aged to perfection in our ripening rooms. Raw cows' milk cheese, aged 6-8 months.
    Price: $10 / half pound
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    Bogart (come on!):
    Mold-ripened and aged 1 year, this raw cows' milk cheese is semi-firm, big-bodied, open, and supple. A cheese that everyone, even a child loves.
    Price: $9 / half pound
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    Madeleine (yes):
    This raw goats' milk cheese, though slightly goaty and salty and reminiscent of a pecorino in texture, is both delicate and herbaceous, unlike its brawny sheep's milk cousin. Available from August- March. Aged 5-9 months.
    Price: $10 / half pound
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    Semi-soft and washed-rind cheeses:
    Batch 35 (batch 35):
    This savory smear-ripened raw cows' milk cheese with a full scattering of eyes has an aromatic soft yellow paste, and a crisp coppery rind. Aged 2-4 months.
    Price: $10 / half pound
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    Eden (the garden of):
    A paprika colored rind covers a semi-soft pungent paste of golden yellow. This raw cows' milk cheese hints of butterscotch and sweet apple. 2nd place winner, American Cheese Society. Aged 3-5 months. American Cheese Society winner..
    Price: $10 / half pound
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    Fresh cheeses:
    Doe Re Mi (fa-so-la-ti-do):
    A pasteurized fresh chevre, high in moisture and low in musk makes this a creamy spreadable cheese that will perfectly compliment both sweet and savory companions. Available from March to as long as supply lasts. May be frozen to increase shelf-life to a year!
    Price: $8 / half pound tub
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    Bloomy rind cheeses:
    Sophie (so-fee):
    This bloomy rind cheese made from pasteurized goats' milk features a soft white rind with a pearl white paste, a velvety texture and a buttery, tangy finish. It has a clean taste when young and a more intense goaty flavor as it ages. Available from April to October. Aged young: 3 weeks.
    Price: $10 / half pound wheel
    Unavailable (seasonal)
    Margie :
    Margie sports a white bloomy rind, and smooth, creamy paste. This buttery little wheel has a clean and delicate flavor that showcases the natural flora our farmstead milk. Aged 2-6 weeks; made from pasteurized cows' milk.

    Earned Best in Class in the
    2013 U.S. Championship Cheese Awards.

    Available Year Round.
    Price: $18.99 / wheel
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    Charlito's Cocina Salami :
    We have a suggestion that will surely make your order even more pleasurable and delicious. Charlito's Cocina is not only an award winning New York salami producer, but and excellent addition to your Sprout Creek Farm cheese order. They make their salami slowly from scratch in small hand made batches using only the finest ingredients found. Their pasture raised heritage breed pork is cured using traditional Spanish methods but striving to be unique and one of a kind, just like our cheeses. Here are the varieties we carry:

    Add to basketSalami Piccante: Dry cured spicy salami with sea salt and a house-made blend of chiles $14.99

    Add to basketCerveza Seca: Dry cured beer salami with a bottle fermented brown ale. $14.99

    Add to basketTrufa Seca: Dry cured black truffle sausage $14.99

    Add to basketChorizo Seco: Dry cured chorizo with Mediterranean seal salt, milk paprika and garlic. $14.99

    Add to basketCampo Seco: Dry cured country sausage with fleur de sel. $14.99

    Add to basketDry Fig "Salami": Non-meat fig paste makes a lovely compliment any cheese. $10

    Moooochas Grassiass!